Makerchests in the wild — Varina High School

Varina High School
Embellishing a mini-book

Makerchests ventured into the wild mid-April through May.  The bookbinding kits were housed in the Varina High School Library, where the students from the maker club watched demonstrations for single pamphlet books and mini-books made from a single piece of paper.

Students from the maker club (and those not in the maker club) returned to the library throughout the month to make their own books.

One creative teacher brought her class to the library for a demo.  The students then made books in which to write reports.

The Makerchests delighted, and we’re looking forward to adding more themed chests to the Makerchest stash.

Varina High School
Making a book cover
Varina High School
Mastering the bone folder
Varina High School
Demoing how to make a mini-book from one sheet of paper
Varina High School
Well-placed cuts matter

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